Different Keno Tickets

Keno is a relatively straightforward game. Players pick numbers and hope that they match the numbers picked by the machine. However, there are nuances to the game depending on the different types of tickets that players can play on. These tickets can add a different dimension to the traditional game, which in turn can add a whole new element of fun and excitement as players wait to see if they have the winning combination of numbers

Race Horse Tickets

One version of keno used to combine the popularity of keno with the fast-paced and glamorous element of betting on horse races. Players would pick numbers that corresponded with each of many horses in a race. Then the horses would race over the course of a day. Each of the winning horses' numbers would then make up the winning keno numbers. While this particular way of choosing the keno numbers is not much in practice today, some keno machines still simulate the excitement of a horse race with their race horse keno tickets. Players bet on specific horses and the more of those numbers that are matched, the more money the player wins.

20-Spot Tickets

By playing with 20-spot tickets, keno players actually have more chances to win. Players choose twenty numbers on a traditional keno ticket, and they have up to 18 different ways to win. In fact, the only ways the player will not win is if they match exactly 4, 5 or 6 numbers. Even matching just 2 or 3 numbers can translate to a win as players will get back any money that they bet on that ticket. If the player matches 8 or more numbers, he or she can win huge cash prizes.

With many different kinds of keno tickets, players have even more ways to enjoy this incredibly popular lottery game. Players can switch it up and try a new kind of ticket every time they play, keeping the game fresh and exciting.

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