Hulk Slots Online

Although some players view slot machines as gambling games for ladies and the elderly, the new Hulk slots game from Playtech seeks to change that view. It is a five-reel slots game with 25 paylines that brings everyone's favorite Marvel comics character to life.

Placing Bets

There are several coin combinations from which players can choose when placing bets, but players who enjoy making use of the Bet Max option should opt for smaller denominations as the 25 paylines may get quite expensive. To give players more opportunities to win, wild cards and scatter cards will frequently make an appearance. Players who want a shot at the bonus game should watch for three scatter cards anywhere on the screen.

Scatters and Wild Cards

True to Playtech form, the scatter and wild cards provide stunning animations of the Incredible Hulk in all his glory. When the wild card appears, this is the eye of the Hulk. The screen will change to an animation of the Hulk tearing off his shirt and flexing his green muscles. The scatter cards are pictures of nuclear explosions that seem to come alive on the screen; three of these results in a trip to the bonus game.

The Bonus Game

In the Hulk Slots bonus game, the player assumes the role of the Hulk being pursued by five helicopters. The player selects an object on the screen and the Hulk picks it up and throws it at a selected helicopter. If the player chooses correctly, they can win several free games and even a chance at a truly significant jackpot. If the player does not like the first outcome, they can try for a second or third time, but the third time is a charm and the player must stick with this decision.

All in all, the Hulk slots game is incredibly exciting and definitely not for the faint of heart. From terrifying animations to those that remind everyone of their days of reading Marvel comics, Playtech has created a true masterpiece.

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